Terms of sale

The owner of the online store www.meliorabeautyshop.ee (hereinafter the Online Store) is Grandman Group OÜ (registration number 14332191), registered at Tuleviku 6, 20307 Narva.

General conditions

The terms of sale shall be valid in view of the rights and obligations of the customers of the Online Store meliorabeautyshop.ee (hereinafter the Customer) and Grandman Group OÜ (hereinafter meliorabeautyshop.ee) resulting from the purchase of goods. 

The terms of this contract as well as rights and obligations under the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia shall apply to all the users of meliorabeautyshop.ee and/or its visitors who would like to purchase our products. 

Meliorabeautyshop.ee reserves the right to make changes in the terms of sale and to change prices. All changes shall be displayed on the web page www.meliorabeautyshop.ee.

Validity of the sales and purchase contract; information about products and prices

The term of sales shall apply to purchasing goods in the Online Store. 

The prices of the products sold in the Online Store shall be stated next to each product. The delivery fee will be added to the price of the products at the checkout. 

The prices shall be stated in euros. When the payment for the ordered products is made, the amount in euros shall be deposited from the buyer’s account. 

The delivery fee shall depend on the method of delivery and the buyer’s location. The delivery fee shall be displayed when the order is placed. 

The information about a product in the Online Store shall be displayed directly next to the product. 

Meliorabeautyshop.ee shall reserve the right to make changes to the prices. If the Customer has paid for the order before the seller changes the price, the new price shall not apply to the specific Customer; consequently, the Customer shall buy the products at the price displayed on the web page when the order was placed. 

Order placement and payment

1. First, select the products you would like to purchase. Then add the products you have chosen to the cart by clicking on the button “Add to cart”. You can see the content of “Your cart” if you hover the cursor over the cart icon.

2. When you have chosen the products, go to the order placement page by clicking the “Cart” icon in the right top corner. All the products placed in the cart will be displayed there. This is also where you can change the number of the items you have chosen or delete a product from the cart if necessary. 

3. When the products have been selected, click on the button “Check out” and proceed to the check-out page. 

4. To place the order, enter your contact information, choose the method of delivery and the method of payment and click on the button “Payment”. The amount of the payment will then be displayed on the screen, which can be made by following a bank link. 

5. Clicking the bank link will automatically redirect you to the bank’s page. Please remember to press the button “Back to the seller” on the bank page after you have completed the payment. 

6. In case the payment for the order fails for one reason or another, you will be automatically redirected back to the cart. 

7. The sales and purchase contract shall enter into force upon the placement of the order on the Buyer’s part and the receipt of the order confirmation on the Seller’s part. The confirmation shall be sent via e-mail. 

8. In case the products which have been ordered cannot be delivered due to the absence of the products in stock of for another reason, the buyer shall be notified about it at the first opportunity, and the payment (including the delivery fee) shall be refunded without delay but no later than 14 days after the notification has been sent. 


All the prices in the Online Store www.meliorabeautyshop.ee are stated in euros. You can pay for your purchase using one of the following online banking environments: Swedbank, SEB Pank, Luminor Pank, Coop Pank, LHV Pank.

Link to banking services

Using an online banking environment is a fast and secure method of payment for your purchase. After placing the order, you will be redirected to the online banking environment of your choice to make the payment. This is where you will be able to view a pre-filled payment order stating the amount to be paid. Confirm the payment and then click the button “Back to the seller”. 


Delivery of goods is available to the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

The goods are delivered to the buyer through Itella SmartPOST and Omniva, and the delivery fee is charged according to the Itella SmartPOST and Omniva tariffs.

Delivery within Estonia 2.99 €, free from 50 €. Delivery to Latvia, Lithuania - 5 €, free from 100 €. Delivery to Finland 11 €, free from 150 €.

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer, and the corresponding price information is displayed next to the shipping method.

Orders within Estonia reach the destination specified by the buyer, as a rule, within 1-3 working days (and less often up to 5-7 working days) from the date of entry into force of the sales contract.

Orders to Latvia, Lithuania and Finland reach the destination specified by the buyer, as a rule, within 3-5 working days (and less often up to 5-7 working days) from the date of entry into force of the sales contract.

Right to return the purchased goods

The buyer shall have the right to cancel the contract concluded in the Online Store within 14 days after the delivery of the order. 

The right to return the goods shall not apply to orders placed by a legal entity acting as the buyer. 

For the right to return the goods within 14 days to be exercised, the ordered items shall not have been used in any other way than for checking the content, properties and operable condition of the goods in the way such checking is allowed for testing goods in a regular store. 

In case the item has been used for any other purpose than checking its content, properties and operable condition or in case it displays signs if use or wear, the Online Store shall have the right to reduce the amount to be refunded proportionally to the reduction of the value of the item or to refuse to refund the amount paid for the item completely. 

To return the goods, the buyer shall file an application of withdrawal from the purchase of the goods, stating the details of the seller and the buyer and sending the application by e-mail to info@meliorabeautyshop.ee within 14 days from the delivery of the goods at the latest. The application form is available at https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/103012014001.

The cost of the return shall be covered by the buyer except for cases when the reason for returning the goods lies in the fact that the item being returned does not correspond to what has been ordered (for instance, a wrong item or faulty item). 

The buyer shall return the goods within 14 days after filing the application or submit a proof of forwarding the goods to the delivering party within the said period. 

Upon receiving the goods being returned, the Online Store shall refund all the contractual expenses of the buyer without delay but no later than within 14 days. 

The Online Store shall have the right to refuse to refund the payments until the item which is the object of the contract has been received or until the buyer has submitted a proof of the fact that the item has been shipped back to the store, whichever is earlier. 

If the buyer has unambiguously selected the delivery method which is more expensive than the standard cheapest method of delivery of items, the Online Store shall not be obliged to refund the expense which exceeds the standard cost of delivery to the customer. 

The Online Store shall have the right to cancel the sales and purchase transaction and demand that the buyer return the item in case a price which significantly lower than the market price of the item has been by mistake stated in the Online Store. 

Faulty goods

Under the terms of the contract, the Online Store shall bear responsibility for non-conformities or faults in the item delivered to the buyer which exist at the moment of the transfer of the item to the buyer or are identified within two years after the transfer of the item to the buyer. Within the first six months after the transfer of the item to the buyer, the fault shall be deemed to have existed at the moment of the transfer of the item. It is the obligation of the Online Store to disprove the above presumption. 

Upon discovering a fault, the buyer shall have the right to contact the Online Store within 14 days at the latest by sending an e-mail to info@meliorabeautyshop.ee. 

The Online Store shall bear no responsibility for any faults which occurred after the item was transferred to the buyer. 

If an item purchased in the Online Store displays a fault for which the Online Store bears responsibility, the Online Store shall repair or replace the faulty item. In case the item cannot be repaired or replaced, the Online Store shall refund all the expenses incurred by the buyer under the sales and purchase contract. 

The Online Store shall respond to the customer’s complaint in writing or a format which can be reproduced in writing within 15 days. 

Direct sales and processing of personal data

The Online Store shall use the personal data provided by the buyer (name, surname, telephone number, address, e-mail address, bank details) only for processing the order and dispatching the goods to the buyer. The Online Store shall forward the customer’s personal data to the delivery service provider so that the goods could be delivered. 

The Online Store will only send newsletters or promotional offers to the customer’s e-mail in case the customer has expressed the relevant request by entering his or her e-mail on the web page or confirmed that he or she would like to subscribe to direct newsletters.

The buyer may unsubscribe from promotional offers and newsletters at any time by letting us know about it by e-mail or following the instructions provided in the e-mail which contains promotional offers. 

Resolution of disputes and submission of claims 

In case the buyer has any claims against the Online Store, these are to be communicated by e-mail to info@meliorabeautyshop.ee. 

In case the buyer and the Online Store fail to resolve a dispute by way of negotiations, the buyer may turn to the Consumer Disputes Committee. The terms of proceedings can be viewed, and the application may be filed here.  The competence of the Consumer Disputes Committee lies in resolving disputes arising from the contract between the buyer and the Online Store. The processing of the buyer’s complaint by the Committee is free of charge. 

The buyer may also turn to the EU platform  which specialises in resolving consumer complaints.