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Make P:rem is a Korean manufacturer of versatile and effective personal care products based on simple formulas. All brand products contain safe and natural ingredients such as arctic raspberry, northern blueberry extract, bergamot, sage oil, Danish peat water and Finnish birch sap.

Make P:rem grew out of a philosophy that combines the Nordic Lagom concept of taking as much for yourself and leaving the rest to others with Korean beauty. The very name Make P: rem is a combination of the words Make-Pragmatic-Remedy, suggesting a focus on practical, beneficial and effective skin care.

The most popular Make P:rem line is Safe Me, which includes Relief Moisture Cream 12. The number 12 in the name refers to the 12 moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, it is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin who need a light moisturizer.

Other bestsellers from the brand are Chaga Concentrate Essence and Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam. The first of them is a monoactive essence, which contains an extract of chaga mushroom and propanediol, which intensively regenerates and slows down the aging process. On the other hand, Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam is a low pH cleansing foam that is an excellent cosmetic cleanser that can be used for both morning and evening skin care. It gently removes skin impurities and dead skin cells without damaging its natural protective barrier. It is enriched with raspberry, coconut and lavender extracts to moisturize and soothe the skin, and glycerin to make it soft and supple.

Make P:rem packaging has a simple style and aesthetics that makes it eye-catching.

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Make P:rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream - 80 ml

The Make P: rem brand produces effective and multifunctional products that simplify skin care. All brand products contain a minimum of ingredients and only safe and natural ingredients. Make P: rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream 12 is a fast absorbing moisturizer that contains only 12 effective...

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