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Barr is a Korean cosmetics brand. Barr cosmetics are suitable for vegans as well as people for whom the fight for the environment is important. Barr cosmetics are known for their minimalistic ingredients and packaging design. Only important ingredients in the composition.

Barr Centella Calming seria contains Asia Centella. Thanks to the high content of centella, Barr cosmetics  has a fast anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

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Barr Centella Calming Gel Cleanser - 120 ml

BEST BEFORE 23.06.2023 Barr Centella Calming Gel Cleanser gently cleanses the skin, exfoliating keratinized particles and removing all kinds of impurities, thanks to the new generation of acids. Plant extracts including Centella will help soothe and reduce inflammation, redness, moisture and...

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