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Misoli line of effective cosmetic products and hydrogel face masks.

High quality patches and masks

In the development of this innovative product, many of the know-how of the laboratory of the South Korean firm JT Co. Ltd is their manufacturer.

It's no secret that one of the most popular procedures in cosmetology is a mask. Today, masks on a hydrogel basis are very popular.

The hydrogel of the Misoli masks is developed from highly concentrated plant extracts, contains hyaluronic acid, diamond pollen, marine collagen, colloidal gold, black pearl pollen, snail mucus filtrate (mucin), adenosine. Misoli new generation hydrogel masks are a unique development of Korean scientists, which is distinguished by an impeccable selection of natural ingredients, which allows you to get a visible result after the first use.

Misoli masks are very convenient to use - they do not slip off the surface of the face. Thanks to this, during the procedure, you will be able to be both horizontal and vertical. And using such a mask at home, you can relax and do household chores.

The great advantage of Misoli masks is that the immediate effect is visible immediately after the procedure. And after the course of procedures, a stable excellent result is fixed. Misoli masks are available in two types: masks for the whole face and in the form of petals for the care of the area around the eyes.

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