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Huxley is a premium Korean cosmetics brand based on cactus extract.

Huxley draws inspiration from nature. The brand's slogan “Great things never come from comfort zones” is written on the Huxley packaging.

The brand name is from the surname of the British writer Aldous Leonard Huxley.

Huxley cosmetics are based on prickly pear cactus extract. Opuntia extract helps fight dehydration of the skin.

Huxley does not test its products on animals. The pH of the products is at a comfortable level for the skin. The formulations of the products are natural and do not contain parabens, synthetic dyes and mineral oils.


Huxley Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream

Huxley Secret of Sahara Fresh And More Cream

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Huxley Cleansing Gel Be Clean Be Moist - 200 ml

If you’re yet to find the perfect cleanser for your skin care routine, you can stop right now. This purifying and refreshing Huxley Cleansing Gel; Be Clean, Be Moist is here to introduce your skin to its full potential. A cleansing gel designed to deeply cleanse and moisturize skin, it is made...

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Huxley Cleansing Oil Deep Clean Deep Moist - 200 ml

Light hydrophilic oil with cactus Huxley Cleansing Oil Deep Clean Deep Moist effectively removes even the toughest makeup and dirt of all kinds, dissolves sebum and prevents the formation of black spots.  It removes dryness and flaking without leaving a feeling of tightness. It moisturizes the...

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Huxley Cleansing Water: Be Clean Be Moist - 200 ml

Huxley Micellar Water effectively and gently removes all types of makeup and impurities, while deeply moisturizing and soothing the skin. The product has an acidic level of PH5.5, which guarantees gentle but high-quality care and preserves the skin's protective barrier that prevents dehydration.

Price €23.90

Huxley Good Night Sleeping Mask - 120 ml

An ultra-nourishing Huxley Good Night Sleeping Mask to renew skin by morning. Antioxidant-rich prickly pear seed oil deeply hydrates and plumps the skin, revealing a more youthfully supple, radiant appearance. Spread the Sleep Mask onto skin after cleansing or in place of night cream. Massage...

Price €25.90

Huxley Hand Cream Velvet Touch - 30 ml

Huxley Hand Cream Velvet Touch with an exquisite aroma will bring comfort to the skin of the hands. Rich texture - blend of prickly pear and shea seed oils, mango and coconut seed oils. The cream protects the skin of the hands, strengthens the protective barrier, nourishes and moisturizes.

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Huxley Secret of Sahara Fresh And More Cream - 50 ml

This refreshing gel cream Huxley Secret of Sahara Fresh And More Cream forms a protective moisture barrier, locking in hydration, and keeps your skin hydrated all day even in an extremely dry environment. Every morning and night, after using an essence, apply an appropriate amount of cream onto...

Price €32.50

Huxley Secret of Sahara Mask Oil and Extract - 25 ml

HUXLEY mask Oil and Extract is a premium revitalizing sheet mask with prickly pear cactus extract. Huxley Secret of Sahara Mask Oil and Extract The mask is an innovative type of cloth mask. Instead of the usual mask with pre-soaked liquid, you yourself, immediately before use, dip the fabric...

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Huxley Toner Extract It - 120 ml

A pH balancing Huxley Toner Extract It formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients including certified-organic Sahara cactus seed oil. Huxley Extract It Toner helps to maintain skin’s optimal pH balance while leaving skin clear and hydrated. Hypoallergenic and ultra-mild, Extract...

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