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Wash-off masks

Wash-off masks are in high demand. They are easy to use. It is enough to apply this mask on the face for 10 minutes.

Wash-off masks are an additional but very beneficial skin care that should be used by anyone who truly loves caring for their skin.

The online store of Korean cosmetics Meliora Beauty Shop delivers orders to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

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Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack - 110 ml

BEST BEFORE 24.05.2024 Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack is a soothing wash-off mask known for its cooling and moisturizing effects that soothes the tired skin. It contains black tea extract perfect for delivering nutrients to your skin as for keeping your skin soft and fair. 

Price €22.50
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COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask 60 ml

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask provides: intensive nourishment and softening of the skin, eliminating flaking and tightness, lightening pigmentation and evening out complexion. Thanks to the high concentration of rice extract, the mask restores velvety to the skin and gives a...

Price €19.50

Some By Mi Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask - 100 g

Some By Mi Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask deeply cleanses pores from impurities, removes excess sebum and prevents blackheads from forming. The mask has an antioxidant effect, evens out tone and moisturizes the skin, effectively softens, evens out the relief. Contains several types of green...

Price €19.90

Heimish All Clean Pink Clay Purifying Wash Off Mask - 150 ml

Heimish All Clean Pink Clay Purifying Wash Off Mask deeply cleanses, removes impurities from pores, soothes irritations and inflammations. Makes the skin soft and silky, eliminates flaking and dehydration. Regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, prevents clogging of pores and the appearance...

Price €22.27

IsNtree Real Mugwort Clay Mask - 100 ml

IsNtree Real Mugwort Clay Mask with wormwood extract for problem skin effectively cleanses and exfoliates the stratum corneum, accelerates the healing process, has a healing effect and helps in the fight against acne and excessive oily skin. The product regulates sebum production throughout the...

Price €20.50

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask - 100 g

Purifying clay mask Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask deeply cleanses and tightens pores, removes blackheads, has a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. Thousands of bubbles cleanse the pores of any impurities, absorb skin sebum without creating a tickling sensation on the face. The mask...

Price €14.74

Mary&May CICA TeaTree Soothing Wash off Pack - 125 g

Clay mask for sensitive skin Mary & May CICA TeaTree Soothing Wash off Pack mattifies, eliminates oily sheen and narrows enlarged pores, cleanses, prevents blackheads. The product soothes irritated skin and relieves redness, softens and smoothes. Contains Centella Complex, Houttuynia &...

Price €23.50

Mary&May Lemon Niacinamide Glow Wash Off Pack - 125 g

Clay Mask with Lemon and Niacinamide for Radiant Skin Mary&May Lemon Niacinamide Glow Wash Off Pack. Highly concentrated vitamin formula of lemon peel, niacinamide and vitamin C removes dead cells, helps to get rid of pigmentation, post-acne traces, restore healthy look and radiance to the...

Price €23.50
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Medi-Peel Herbal Peel Tox Wash Off Type Cream Mask - 120 g

Medi-Peel Herbal Peel Tox Wash Off Type Cream Mask leaves skin smooth, even-toned and healthy-looking. The mask has an excellent exfoliating and cleansing effect, has a pronounced antioxidant effect, heals, improves complexion and tones.

Price €25.90

Some By Mi Charcoal BHA Pore Clay Bubble Mask – 120 ml

The mask with charcoal deeply cleanses the pores and saturates the cells with oxygen. Fights blackheads and prevents their appearance, mattifies and prevents the appearance of oily sheen. Gently polishes the skin, evens out tone and relief. The bubble mask effectively removes impurities, dust and...

Price €22.20
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Pyunkang Yul Сalming Pore Clear Wash Off Pack - 100 ml

Pyunkang Yul Сalming Pore Clear Wash Off Pack is a soothing clay mask for cleansing pores that has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and irritation, and reduces redness. CICA-complex has a pronounced calming effect and accelerates the healing of inflammation, helping in...

Price €27.35

Mary&May Rose Hyaluronic Hydra Wash off Pack - 125 ml

The clay mask is designed to gently cleanse the skin: the product absorbs impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells, softens and smoothes the relief, giving the skin a delicate velvety texture. The product evens out the tone, eliminates dullness and signs of fatigue, nourishes and saturates...

Price €20.50
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COSRX Poreless Clarifying Charcoal Mask - 110 g

A creamy mask for deep and delicate cleansing of the skin, tightens pores and evens out the surface of the skin. Calamine capsules instantly soothe the skin and control sebum production. Charcoal penetrates deep into pores to detoxify and cleanse. After this, the mask dries completely, narrowing...

Price €27.35

AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack - 100 ml

AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack. This is a wash-off mask based on 61% wormwood extract. The product effectively removes impurities from pores without damaging them, soothes inflamed and irritated skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory...

Price €24.90

Face masks and the wonders they can work

A washable face mask can soothe your skin, hydrate it, or make it look smoother and more youthful. There are even special washable face masks that will help fight redness or acne. Your skin will never feel more nourished than after washing off this face mask.

Just as your needs play a role in choosing the right washable face mask, you need to make sure it's right for your skin type. For example, many face masks contain clay that helps control sebum production. These clay masks are great for shrinking pores and removing excess sebum. Clay is also rich in nourishing minerals that are good for your skin.

Rinse-off face mask: how to use it correctly!

How to properly use a washable face mask? Very simple: apply to a cleansed face. Depending on which mask you use, the time of its application varies. To achieve the ideal effect, it is best to follow the appropriate instructions for use.

Of course, you should not wash off the mask too soon, because then the ingredients will not be able to show their full effect. However, you should also not leave the mask on for too long because some face masks contain active ingredients that will attack your skin if you use them for too long. Therefore, it is important that you adhere to the indicated application times for the appropriate rinse-off face mask.

What are the main effects of washable face masks?

The main effects of such masks are skin lightening, deep cleansing, soothing effect, narrowing of pores and fight against redness.