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VT Cosmetics is a famous Korean cosmetic brand that has won the hearts of beauty fans around the world. With a wide range of innovative and trend-setting products, VT Cosmetics is the first choice for those seeking effective, results-oriented solutions while keeping up with the latest beauty trends.

Premium formulations

VT Cosmetics uses high quality and carefully selected ingredients in its skin care and makeup formulations. From nourishing serums to luminous lip tints, each product is designed to deliver dramatic results and meet a variety of beauty needs.

Environmental friendliness

VT Cosmetics is not only about beauty, but also actively promoting sustainable practices. The brand places great emphasis on choosing eco-friendly packaging materials, helping to reduce plastic waste and environmental impact.

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VT Cosmetics CICA Mild Powder Wash - 75 g

Enzyme powder for delicate cleansing VT Cosmetics CICA Mild Powder Wash gently exfoliates the stratum corneum of the epidermis, smoothes the texture and softens rough areas of the skin. Activates cell regeneration, soothes and heals inflammation. Contains CICA complex, centella asiatica extract,...

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VT Cosmetics Cica No Sebum Moisture Powder - 5 g

VT Cosmetics Cica No Sebum Mild Powder has a unique mattifying and soothing property, eliminates oily shine and refreshes oily and combination skin. You can use it throughout the day to keep your skin in perfect condition. The mattifying powder contains Asian centella - it has healing and...

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VT Cosmetics Cica Reti-A Cream - 30 ml

A team of the best specialists develops balanced and active VT Cosmetic formulations in its own research center. The brand's products include high-quality ingredients, which makes the cosmetics useful and effective.

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