Order placement and payment

1. First, select the products you would like to purchase. Then add the products you have chosen to the cart by clicking on the button “Add to cart”. You can see the content of “Your cart” if you hover the cursor over the cart icon.

2. When you have chosen the products, go to the order placement page by clicking the “Cart” icon in the right top corner. All the products placed in the cart will be displayed there. This is also where you can change the number of the items you have chosen or delete a product from the cart if necessary. 

3. When the products have been selected, click on the button “Check out” and proceed to the check-out page. 

4. To place the order, enter your contact information, choose the method of delivery and the method of payment and click on the button “Payment”. The amount of the payment will then be displayed on the screen, which can be made by following a bank link. 

5. Clicking the bank link will automatically redirect you to the bank’s page. Please remember to press the button “Back to the seller” on the bank page after you have completed the payment. 

6. In case the payment for the order fails for one reason or another, you will be automatically redirected back to the cart. 

7. The sales and purchase contract shall enter into force upon the placement of the order on the Buyer’s part and the receipt of the order confirmation on the Seller’s part. The confirmation shall be sent via e-mail. 

8. In case the products which have been ordered cannot be delivered due to the absence of the products in stock of for another reason, the buyer shall be notified about it at the first opportunity, and the payment (including the delivery fee) shall be refunded without delay but no later than 14 days after the notification has been sent.