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Cosmetic products brand Dr. Ceuracle products are created in the company's own research center, where they are developed and tested by teams of experienced dermatologists. As a result, cosmetic products have been created that provide excellent results regardless of skin type.

Among the many achievements, one can single out that the brand is known and highly valued for the care of problematic and sensitive skin. In addition, it strongly identifies itself with environmental protection, using biodegradable cardboard packaging and soybean oil-based organic ink.

Propolis series of cosmetics contains active biological ingredients that support the treatment of various skin diseases. The base ingredient propolis contains minerals and vitamins A, B, E and amino acids, due to which it has restorative, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for irritated skin.

On the other hand, a series of tea tree cosmetics has antimicrobial properties, fights the causes of acne and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

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Dr. Ceuracle Pro Balance Biotics Moisturizer - 100 ml

Moisturizing cream with a complex of probiotics intensively restores the skin, strengthens its immunity, forms a protective barrier that protects against aggressive environmental influences. In a short time it soothes, relieves irritation and redness, evens out the tone and softens. The cream...

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Dr. Ceuracle Pro Balance Creamy Cleasing Foam - 150 ml

Cleansing cream-foam with probiotics for sensitive skin gently removes impurities, deeply cleanses pores, and eliminates excess skin sebum. The tool does not damage the lipid layer of the skin, but on the contrary, maintains an optimal balance. Due to the high content of probiotics in the...

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