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Face care

Korean facial skin care is known for the fact that Korean women pay a lot of attention to their beauty. Therefore, there are so many different skin care products in Korean cosmetics.

Facial care is essential for the skin to look well-groomed and beautiful. Skin problems can be different: redness, acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles, dull skin.

To ensure proper care, you only need to choose cosmetics that suit your skin.

The online store of Korean cosmetics Meliora Beauty Shop delivers orders to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

There are 381 products.

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Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream - 55 ml

Rose water is the star ingredient of this lightweight cream that not only hydrates, but also brightens skin and improves signs of aging. Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream is formulated with 63% rose water, which is packed full of skin-loving nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, Heimish...

Price €32.50


BEST BEFORE  05.07.2023 Revitalizing face cream with panthenol COSRX B5 D-panthenol Cream intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, regenerates, soothes, restores the skin and relieves irritation. The product creates a protective barrier on the skin, protecting it from aggressive...

Price €30.40
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COSRX Hydrium Moisture Power Enriched Cream - 50 ml

COSRX Moisture Power Enriched Cream deeply moisturizing regenerating cream with ceramides, propolis and panthenol. The product intensively nourishes, removes dryness and flaking, strengthens the lipid barrier and restores the damaged surface of the epidermis. Recommended for dry and dehydrated...

Price €32.50

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream - 80 ml

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream has a concentrated formula with Beta-glucans to support the skin's protective barrier and restore the skin's natural moisture levels. Provides the skin with long-term hydration, moisture, and protection, for a healthy and radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types,...

Price €26.33
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Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner - 200 ml

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is a hydrating toner designed to combat signs of tired and overstressed skin, revealing incredibly smooth and radiant results. Free from fragrance, dyes and irritants. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Price €22.27
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Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum - 80 ml

Hydrating barrier keeps the skin healthy. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum hydrating serum lowers the surface temperature while providing deep moisturization to calm and cool the skin. Replenish the skin’s moisture level and give it a smooth and radiant glow throughout the day.

Price €30.40

COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream - 80 g

Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream by COSRX banishes blemishes to give you a clearer, smoother-looking complexion free of bumps and shine. Fine lines, hypersensitivity and dehydrated skin are improved thanks to its nourishing oil and botanical extract-rich formula. Strengthen and regenerate...

Price €27.50

iUNIK Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum - 50 ml

iUNIK Beta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum is a 98% pure Beta-Glucan serum, a deep moisturizing serum that helps to nourish skin and improve skin barrier function. What is Beta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum? 98% pure beta-glucan High moisturizing serum with non-sticky absorbency 20% better moisture...

Price €19.50

iUNIK Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream - 60 ml

iUNIK Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream helps moisturize dry skin and improve skin barrier function with beta-glucan, a natural moisturizer from mushrooms, along with Centella Asiatica extract and a special red fruit complex. (Prunus, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Punica)

Price €15.50

Accoje Anti-Aging Volume Capsule Cream - 50 ml

ACCOJE Anti-Aging Volume Capsule Cream contains a high-concentration of silky texture that makes the skin feel smooth and firm by filling the gaps on the skin's surface thereby strengthening the skin. The elasticity-boosting ingredients (retinyl palmitate, two types of peptides and marine...

Price €35.48

Accoje Anti-Aging Intensive Ampoule - 30 ml

BEST BEFORE 15.08.2024 ACCOJE Anti-aging Intensive Ampoule provides daily care for plump and radiant skin. The elasticity-boosting ingredients (retinyl palmitate, two types of peptides and marine collagen) are capsulized to stabilize the active ingredients after the application of ultra-micro...

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Accoje Reviving Cream - 50 ml

Accoje Reviving Cream is concentrated care that provides deep and rich nourishing and moisturising effects for supple and firm skin. Active ingredients found in Jeju Acanthopanax koreanum contained in this cream provide nutrition and restores skin vitality. Long-lasting moisturizing formula that...

Price €30.81
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Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid - 100 ml

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is an exfoliating serum. Contains 4% Betaine Salicylate, a natural exfoliant derived from plants. Dissolves impurities and debris from pores while clearing away dead skin cells. Also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Willow Bark Extract, and Niacinamide to hydrate and...

Price €23.50

iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Toner - 200 ml

iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Toner can help calm sensitive skin and restore moisture barrier with Tea Tree leaf water 67% and Centella Asiatica leaf water 19.5%, along with 6 sprout extracts 6,000ppm for skin cleansing and nutrition.

Price €19.50

What cosmetics can be used all year round?

Who doesn’t know: as soon as the summer ends, the moisturizer is somehow no longer enough and the skin also becomes dry and flaky. It seems like your routine should always change completely with the seasons, and while this makes sense for some products, there are other products that you can use all year round. Let's take a closer look at what these products are and how you don't have to change your entire skin care routine several times a year.

Cleanser - double cleansing suitable for all seasons

You usually don't need to change anything in your cleansing ritual because double cleansing makes sense in spring and summer as well as in autumn and winter. This is the only way to reliably remove makeup, dirt and sebum, as well as nourish the skin directly during the cleansing phase.

At the same time, the 2nd stage of cleansing with gel or foam ensures that the skin does not leave traces of oil from the 1st stage, which makes double cleansing fundamentally suitable for all skin types and at any time of the year.

For everyone who is now wondering what double cleansing is: first, a cleansing oil or balm is applied to dry skin with light massaging movements. This allows you to remove persistent and even waterproof makeup. The oil can then be washed off with water. At the second stage, the gel or foam removes the remaining dirt and oil, which ensures a completely clean face.

The right serum - skin hydration is essential all year round

If there is one type of serum that works all year round, it is the hyaluronic acid serum. In the cold season, the skin is drier than in summer, but even then it almost always needs moisture. On the other hand, there are differences in the supply of oils that retain moisture in the skin, and usually in autumn and winter they have to be supplied more than in summer.

Sunscreen - a must in autumn and winter

Proper sun protection is actually not only a problem in summer, it should be used all year round. Regardless of the weather, skin areas particularly exposed to UV radiation, such as the face, neck and hands, must always be adequately protected.