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CHASIN' RABBITS is a vegan Korean brand whose skin care products contain no animal ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

All products are made by experts from the K-Beauty industry who value sustainable packaging and adhere to sustainable principles. Products do not contain artificial flavors and colors, parabens, sulfates, animal products, alcohol, mineral oils and silicones.

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Chasin' Rabbits Green Golden Ruler Cream - 75 ml

Vegan Chasin' Rabbits Green Golden Ruler Cream is a soothing moisturizer with a mild yogurt formula rich in probiotics, matcha tea and hemp seed oil that absorbs instantly and leaves no stickiness. The cream is suitable for normal skin as well as for dry and combination skin.

Price €23.38

Chasin' Rabbits Head Band

The CHASIN RABBITS headband is a comfortable, multifunctional headband made from eco-friendly fiber that absorbs sweat and dries in seconds. Gently envelops the skin without causing irritation and prevents hair from getting on the face. High-performance ATB-UV+ fabric wicks away sweat quickly for...

Price €24.40

Chasin' Rabbits Magic Beauty Shroom Essence - 200 ml

CHASIN RABBITS Vegan Magic Beauty Shroom Essence, made with 100% snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis), rejuvenates and instantly gives a natural healthy glow. The essence revitalizes, soothes and hydrates the skin. Suitable for normal skin as well as dry and sensitive skin.

Price €21.35

Chasin' Rabbits Mindful Bubble Cleanser - 200 ml

CHASIN RABBITS Mindful Bubble Cleanser is a vegan cleanser with natural activated charcoal powder for deep cleansing of the face and body! Suitable for normal skin as well as combination skin, oily skin and acne.

Price €19.32