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Korean foot care is a great opportunity to have a spa ritual at home.

You can take care of your feet skin using various cosmetics. The soft skin of the feet is always pleasant.

Korean cosmetics offers special disposable masks to help exfoliate old skin cells of the feet, as well as nourishing foot creams. Disposable masks help to effectively regenerate the skin of the feet, while the foot cream nourishes the skin with the missing moisture and creates a protective skin barrier.

The online store of Korean cosmetics Meliora Beauty Shop delivers orders to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

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Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask Ex - 18 ml

Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask Ex softens rough areas of the skin of the legs, intensively moisturizes dry skin, softens. Prevents the appearance of calluses, improves skin elasticity, exfoliates. This mask also provides a light peeling effect, effectively exfoliates and renews the skin. The mask...

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Foot cream is a cosmetic product for daily foot care, which should be in every bathroom!

Foot cream is an indispensable element of conscious care. Find out how to choose the best for your skin. In our guide, we will tell you what to look for.

Feet are often left without attention and proper care. You forget about caring for them, especially in winter when they hide in thick socks and heavy boots. Sometimes it is already late in summer to restore their softness and smoothness quickly and without much effort. For this reason, foot cream should be in your arsenal forever. Its regular use will allow you to enjoy smooth legs all year round. There are various types of cosmetics on the market with a variety of effects. How to choose the best among them? We will give you some tips!

Foot cream - what is this product?

Foot cream is a cosmetic product intended for everyday use. It contains special active compounds to meet the specific needs of the feet. Many people apply regular body lotion or even face cream to this area of skin. Unfortunately, it cannot cope with such a demanding epidermis.

Why do feet need cream?

The legs have to withstand many adverse factors, including heavy loads. Not only do they carry the entire weight of their body, but they are often in motion all the time. You won't help them by wearing non-breathable synthetic shoes or socks. This way you create the perfect environment for microbial growth. Daily use of heel and foot cream can minimize the risk of defects in this area.

A wide selection of foot creams does not make the decision easier. When looking for that one beauty product, the first thing to consider is your skin's current needs.

Substances in foot creams - an overview of the most popular

There are such active compounds, without which it is difficult to imagine a good foot cream. Below we have prepared a short overview for you.


Substance with versatile action. It targets many diseases depending on the concentration at which it occurs. Urea foot cream can be exfoliating or highly hydrating.

AHA acids

A small addition of fruit acids softens the foot cream. These substances painlessly relieve excess epidermis.

Vegetable oils and oils

In fact, this term refers to many substances. In foot creams you will find, among other things:

Shea Butter;

olive oil;

almond oil and more.

Each of these substances primarily lubricates. Thus, it helps to restore the skin's protective barrier. Oils should be in any good cream for dry heels.

Vitamin A and E

Vitamins of youth, which can also be found in foot creams. First of all, they regenerate and take care of proper hydration.

Foot cream - correct application

Proper application of cosmetics increases the chances of their effective action. The same goes for foot cream. Before rubbing it in, exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells.

What you should pay special attention to is the regularity of using a cosmetic product. You probably know how easy it is to forget about the daily use of the cream. Maybe you should place it in a conspicuous place so that it reminds you of yourself? You don't have to use exfoliating creams every day. It's a good idea to use them interchangeably with these moisturizers. So you take care of your feet comprehensively.