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What active ingredients to choose?

To choose the right cosmetics for skin care, you should know her needs and your skin type.

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Pyunkang Yul Calming Toner Pad - 70 pcs

BEST BEFORE 26.09.2024 Toner discs with a calming effect, help relieve inflammation and redness, have a mild exfoliating effect, which promotes skin renewal, making the dermis soft and silky. Toner pads gently remove dead skin particles and excess sebum that clog pores from the skin surface,...

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Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule...

Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner - 400 ml

Ampoule firming toner with bifidobacteria Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner has a rejuvenating effect, restores the protective lipid barrier, strengthens the skin microbiome. Promotes smoothing of fine wrinkles, deeply moisturizes the skin and enhances the effect of subsequent care. Restores the...

Price €26.90
Manyo Galac Niacin 2.0...

Manyo Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence - 50 ml

Manyo Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence contains a complex of powerful active agents (yeast filtrate and niacinamide) that eliminate pigmentation, post acne, even out overall skin tone and improve complexion. The ampoule regulates the production of sebum, helps to narrow the pores and evens out the skin...

Price €35.90

Cosrx Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch - 60 pcs

The innovative hydrogel patches from COSRX are an express remedy that will help in a short time to fill the skin with life-giving moisture, even out the microrelief and make the skin fuller and denser, smoothing fine expression lines. The patches will effectively remove traces of fatigue and...

Price €26.90

Manyo Bifida Biome Concentrate Serum - 35 ml

Manyo Bifida Biome Concentrate Serum, a concentrated serum with bifidobacteria for skin radiance, restores the lipid barrier and regenerates skin cells, strengthens the protective functions. Restores water balance and helps to retain moisture in cells. Smoothes microrelief and fine mesh of...

Price €40.57
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Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Mask - 30 g

The Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Mask with probiotics rehabilitates the skin, actively moisturizes and strengthens the epidermal cells. Increases the protective functions of the skin, its immunity and resistance to external irritants.

Price €3.40
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Cosrx Propolis Honey Overnight Mask - 60 ml

A night mask based on propolis extract, honey and royal jelly, will help to fully saturate the skin with nutrients, intensively moisturize and soften the skin, giving it a healthy glow and shine. The mask energizes the skin throughout the night, helps to strengthen its protective barrier and skin...

Price €22.88
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Cosrx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion - 100 ml

Cosrx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion is specially formulated for combination, oily, sensitive and irritated skin that needs gentle care. The product is 70% concentrated birch sap and does not contain oils. Thanks to this composition, the lotion gives the skin deep hydration, has a soothing...

Price €26.50
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COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cream Intense - 50 ml

An intensely nourishing and hydrating cream with an instant soothing effect - Pure Fit Cica Cream Intense! Saturated with extracts and Centella Asian oil, the cream has a denser and more nourishing texture (compared to the original Pure Fit Cica Cream), suitable for sensitive dry or combination...

Price €32.50
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Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask - 10 ml

The Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask has a calming effect, helps to quickly relieve inflammation and irritation, and also saturates the skin with moisture, eliminating dryness and flaking, and strengthens its protective barrier. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the active...

Price €3.15

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin C 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask - 23 ml

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin C 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask is enriched with 21.5% natural vitamin complex (Vitamin Tree Water & Boseong Green Tea Water). The simple ingredients and light texture provide gentle vitamin care for sensitive skin. This daily vitamin mask fills up the inner layers of...

Price €3.97

Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner - 200 ml

Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner for dull and tired skin. The toner effectively evens out skin tone, improves complexion, gently brightens, removes redness and helps fight pigmentation. Whitens post-acne, stagnant spots and prevents the appearance of pigmentation. The toner has...

Price €18.20

Pyunkang Yul Calming Deep Moisture Toner - 150 ml

Pyunkang Yul Calming Deep Moisture Toner is a moisturizing toner designed for daily use with a low pH index. Ideal for sensitive and problem skin, gently softens and moisturizes the skin, cares for pores and improves the texture of the skin's relief.

Price €15.50

Huxley Cleansing Water: Be Clean Be Moist - 200 ml

Huxley Micellar Water effectively and gently removes all types of makeup and impurities, while deeply moisturizing and soothing the skin. The product has an acidic level of PH5.5, which guarantees gentle but high-quality care and preserves the skin's protective barrier that prevents dehydration.

Price €24.30
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Pyunkang Yul Calming Moisture Repair Balm - 30 ml

Moisturizing and soothing balm Calming Moisture Repair Balm helps relieve inflammation, irritation and redness, saturates the epidermis with moisture, has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, helping the skin to recover faster. Improves firmness and elasticity of tissues, gives the skin...

Price €15.90

Acne skin

Retinol - has the effect of reducing the secretion of sebum, reduces inflammation in the skin and supports the process of renewal of the epidermis.

Salicylic acid - has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and keratolytic properties. Regulates sebum secretion.

Activated charcoal - has a cleansing and detoxifying effect.

Aloe - soothes irritations, accelerates skin regeneration and reduces skin wounds caused by acne.


Azelaic acid - blocks tyrosinase - the enzyme responsible for the formation of age spots. It is very effective in removing acne marks.

Vitamin C - has an exfoliating effect, due to which it stimulates the growth of the epidermis, and also reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum of the skin. Inhibits the formation of melanin in the skin, making the complexion brighter. Influences the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Alpha Arbutin - brightens the skin. Works especially well for lightening freckles.


Retinol - has the effect of accelerating skin regeneration and is responsible for the formation of collagen fibers and elastin in cells. Improves tension and elasticity of the skin.

Peptides - improve the appearance of the skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts. In addition, they have a relaxing effect on the skin, making mimic wrinkles less noticeable.

INCI cosmetics ingredients

More and more consumers are becoming aware of which ingredients should be in cosmetics and which should be avoided. We select products that meet our needs based on what cosmetics contain. The INCI database is the ideal tool for checking the composition of cosmetics. This abbreviation stands for International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients. This is an international database of cosmetic ingredients that includes permitted and prohibited ingredients. This database is valid in the European Union, USA, China and Japan. This means that each cosmetic product on the packaging or label attached to the product must have a described composition. Chemical compounds in the database are written in English, and plant materials are written in Latin.

Ingredients on cosmetics labels are written in a fixed order - those listed at the beginning are present in cosmetics in the largest amount, and those at the end are present in the smallest. Ingredients that are present in cosmetics in quantities below 1% are listed at the very end.

What are the dangerous ingredients in cosmetics i.e. which should be avoided?

Many ingredients can be widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, although recent research and experience with their use indicates that they can have negative effects on the skin. First of all, the following people should pay attention to such substances:

with problematic skin (sensitive or irritated),


suffering from autoimmune diseases,

parents of infants and young children.

These groups of people should choose cosmetics with the shortest possible composition, which does not contain potentially allergenic or irritating substances.

When choosing a suitable cosmetic product, you should pay attention to the fact that it does not contain:

Mineral oils and paraffin are some of the cheapest ingredients in cosmetics, so they can be found in many products. Paraffin is a carrier and solvent of active substances. It does not show any care properties. On the skin, it creates a layer that prevents the evaporation of water from the cells. It can disrupt the physiological processes in the skin. In addition, it prevents the penetration of other ingredients from cosmetics and can clog skin pores.

Parabens are preservatives added to cosmetics to protect the product from the development of fungi and mold. They can accumulate in the skin and have an allergenic effect (eczema and urticaria may occur when used). May have estrogenic and carcinogenic effects.

Glycols - PEG (polyethylene glycol) is used as a solvent, emulsifier and detergent in body care cosmetics. PPG (polypropylene glycol) is used to create emulsions. Prevents cell water loss. It is used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, and deodorants. Both substances can enter the bloodstream and have a toxic effect on the cells of the liver, kidneys and bone marrow. They can irritate sensitive skin, causing inflammation and itching.

Silicones are substances that give hair and skin smoothness. They are also added to moisturizers, fluids, foundations, and hair care products. With frequent use, they can clog skin pores, worsening acne, blackheads, and blemishes.

Propylene glycol is a humectant that promotes the penetration of active substances into the skin. It can accumulate in the body and cause irritation.

Phthalates - can accumulate in the body, especially in adipose tissue. They cause hormonal disturbances and may be a factor in the development of breast cancer. Phthalates are especially dangerous for pregnant and lactating women - they can lead to fetal malformations and disrupt the development of the child. Phthalates are prohibited in cosmetics intended for children.

SLS, SLES are detergents and degreasers. They can cause irritation and dryness of the skin, as well as irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. Once accumulated in the body, they can damage the nervous and immune systems. Applied to the hair, they can increase the split and brittleness.

Fragrances, artificial dyes - are added to cosmetics to increase its attractiveness among consumers. They can accumulate in the body and cause allergic reactions.

Formaldehyde is added to cosmetics as a preservative and to nail polishes as a hardener. This substance is considered a strong allergen - it can cause skin irritation, erythema, eczema. Formaldehyde is also a potential carcinogen.