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WellDerma is a specialized cosmetic brand that explores the pure nature of the world.

WellDerma philosophy:

1. Best quality

We promise to bring beauty to our customers with the best products created through direct research and development.

2. Safe ingredient

You can use our products without any problem because they are made with a recipe with safe ingredients that do not include paraffin wax, artificial pigments, mineral oil and ethanol.

3. Packaging

We promise to treat our customers honestly without cheating them with excessive packaging or free gifts.


WellDerma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller

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WellDerma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller

Roller massager for face WellDerma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller with platinum coating is designed specifically for contour massage of the face and décolleté. A mechanical massager works out all facial muscles, effectively tightens the oval, helps smooth wrinkles and has a lifting effect....

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