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Pro You Professional is a cosmetic company that produces professional cosmetics and is specially designed for use in dermatological clinics, as well as studios, beauty salons and home care.

High manufacturability of production, the presence of a large number of our own patented unique developments and ongoing research with the involvement of the best specialists and scientists allow the products to confidently conquer markets not only in Korea, but also around the world.

The high culture of production allows the company to produce a wide range of products both for individual use and for use in specialized institutions (beauty salons, cosmetology clinics, etc.)

Since its launch in January 2001, Pro You products have steadily gained leading positions, steadily gaining an increasing number of new fans. For 13 years, Pro You has been successfully exporting its products to many countries around the world, including China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Mexico, and is one of the most popular professional brands in Korea. To obtain effective results, only carefully selected high-quality materials are used in the creation of each product, with strict consideration of the characteristics of each element. Customers who choose Pro You Professional products for a long time remain with this brand, because high quality, reliable effect, a wide range can satisfy the most demanding and demanding customers who want to purchase this cosmetics again.

Thus, the Pro You Professional brand has firmly established itself in the long term and developing perspective.


Pro You Professional Hyaluronic Acid 100%

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