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Dr. Althea is a korea premium brand that produces high quality cosmetics. Dr. Althea is the embodiment of the brand identity.

"Doctor"represents the research and expertise in the product development process. "Althea" is the national flower of South Korea and represents the country that inspires the approach to skincare and cosmetics.

The foundation of the brand is the goal to connect stunning aesthetics with innovative formulas. Dr. Althea strives to become an internationally recognized leader in Korean Beauty. Dr. Althea seeks to become a leading expert in sensitive skin care and Korean beauty.

It is the brand's mission to discover safe, effective, and natural ingredients to create high-quality products. Thorough research and testing methods are used to identify fundamental problems and causes behind problematic skin. Dr. Althea produces safe formulas made with natural ingredients to relieve sensitive skin or severe skin symptoms.

In 2015 Dr. Althea was ranked No.1 Most Trusted Consumer Brand. In 2016 Dr. Althea was ranked No.1 as the Korean Preferred Brand.

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Dr. Althea Herb Therapy Velvet Mask - 28 g

Dr. Althea Herb Therapy Velvet Mask is formulated with 8R+CTS (Rejuvenation + Concentrate Treatment System) for intensive hydration and soothing properties, ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, the PT Cell mask sheet adheres perfectly to the face to help with full absorption of essence.

Price €4.50

Dr. Althea Premium Squalane Silk Mask - 28 g

Dr.Althea Squalane Silk Mask is a product with excessive moisture supply for a healthy and radiant complexion. The smooth silk mask and the rich essence made of natural ingredients provides an immense effect as if skincare from a dermatologist.

Price €4.50

Dr. Althea To Be Eyeconic Eye Serum - 20 ml

Dr. Althea To Be Eyeconic Eye Serum is a product with excellent effect in wrinkles and elasticity improvement and abundant nutrient supply with its natural ingredients. In addition to mild ingredients and highly effective functions, it has a unique characteristic of 45-degree angle massage tip....

Price €21.90