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KOCOSTAR is short for KOREAN COSMETIC STAR. KOCOSTAR produces mask series from Hair to Toe beyond your imagination. KOCOSTAR thrives to be the NO.1 most creative and most innovative mask brand in the world.

As of now, the brand is in sales on over thousands of stores in over 70 countries worldwide. Through KOCOSTAR affordable, easy to use, salon-quality products, you can become more beautiful with young skin, silky hair, pretty feet and sparkly nails.

Going to a salon is a waste of money and time. Have the salon experience right at home. KOCOSTAR will promise you a more convenient and efficient time. Save your time and your dime!!

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Kocostar Princess Eye Patch

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Kocostar Lip Mask Pink Peach 3 g х 20 pcs

Kocostar Lip Mask Pink Peach are hydrogel lip masks that moisturizes the lips effectively. Pink peach lip masks contains peach extract that brightens and moisturizes the skin and promotes skin elasticity. Cherry blossom extract contains vitamin B that protects skin barrier and brightens the skin.

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Kocostar Princess Eye Patch - 60 pcs (30 pairs)

Kocostar Princess Eye Patch - reduces the visibility of fine lines while leaving a fresh and moisturized skin. The uniquely shaped hydrogels gently adheres to the delicate skin under the eyes to soothe, moisturize, nourish, and brighten. Alternatively trying applying them to eyelids or smile...

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