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CLIV is an exclusive cosmetic brand offering dermatologically tested products. CLIV brand products provide ideal care for all skin types.

Korean skincare brand CLIV (CL4) stands for Cosmeceutical Solutions, Laboratories and 4 Step Safe Skincare. Bioactive Ingredients are processed to the highest technical standards and pass a 4 step safety test to ensure safe and effective skin care!

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CLIV Hexapeptide Repairing Ampoule - 30 ml

CLIV Hexapeptide Repairing Ampoule is a revitalizing ampoule that fills the skin with vitality and works as an anti-aging treatment against wrinkles. * Contains 85% ginseng fruit fermentation extract to give your skin vitality. * Contains 6 types of peptide ingredients that take care of the...

Price €26.90

CLIV PHA Mild Enzyme Powder - 50 g

CLIV PHA Mild Enzyme Powder is a mild enzyme powder that provides deep cleansing with natural enzymes that do not cause irritation. Helps improve the texture of rough skin by removing dead skin cells, impurities and makeup residue with papaya extract. Provides hydration and nourishment and helps...

Price €23.00

CLIV Retinol Lifting Eye Cream - 20 ml

CLIV Retinol Lifting Eye Cream is a lifting cream with retinol for tired skin with signs of aging and loss of elasticity.  Tightens, tones and instantly smoothes the skin. Reduces wrinkles, firms the skin and reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.  The applicator in the form of a...

Price €26.90