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VEGREEN is korean vegan skin care brand. Since VEGREEN communicates regularly with customers and focuses on their needs, they have developed a vegan alternative to the popular snail mucus (snail slime). The extract from the wild yam root vitalizes the skin and provides a lot of moisture.

In addition, VEGREEN only uses clear and safe ingredients and does not use harmful additives such as perfume. Ultimately, the outer packaging also consists of sugar cane and is printed with soy ink in order to make a positive contribution to protecting our environment. The bottles, in turn, are recyclable.

Sustainable environmental protection

Easy-removal label is not sticky and easy to recycle.

Earth Pack box made of uncut wood and sugar cane by-product.

Eco-friendly soybean oil ink that reduces environmental pollution and is easy to decompose during disposal.

We use biodegradable paper buffer instead of a vinyl buffer that are difficult to biodegrade.

Ethical consumption

Veganism. We oppose all products and services produced by exploiting animals.

Pure and clean. It is made with a safe ingredient.

Without prejudice, without discrimination. We do our best so that everyone can trust and use it.

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VEGREEN Fragrance-free Nature Mucin Serum - 50 ml

VEGREEN Natural Mucin Serum Fragrance Free contains 63% mucin from wild yam extract to restore tired skin and increase its vitality. Panthenol (provitamin B5) soothes the skin and provides deep hydration, while ceramide strengthens the skin barrier. Hence, the serum helps keep your skin firm and...

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