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Why Korean cosmetics?

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Why is Korean cosmetics gaining more and more recognition?

Korean skin care products are gaining more and more recognition around the world. Flawless skin with the famous "radiance" is the beauty ideal for Korean women. The implementation of all the necessary procedures depends on ourselves. However, there are many interesting and useful products and special care methods that can be performed without much difficulty and taken care of the condition of the skin.

Most Korean women attach great importance to facial care and beauty. This is why it takes much longer than we are used to in Europe. The reward for this is well-hydrated skin and a radiant complexion.

Do I have to do 10-step skin care?

Korean women use 10-step skin care in their skin care. It is not necessary to follow the 10-step treatment, but over time you may become more and more inclined to take care of your skin. Instead, you can start by introducing individual foods into your grooming routine. K-Beauty skin care is very flexible and combines different products from different brands depending on the stage of care and the skin problem. This is completely different from our usual practice when we are used to using coordinated products from the same care line.

Skin hydration: the primary goal of Korean skin care

Unlike the often heavy and creamy formulas we are used to in European skincare products, especially creams for mature and dry skin, Korean facials have a light, gel-like consistency. Special combinations of active ingredients with proven Asian herbs and other active ingredients also nourish and soothe your skin.

Why is a tonic so important in facial skin care?

The Korean face tonic is considered a skin care product, not a cleanser, as we do. The tonic has a moisturizing and softening effect. The ingredients are mostly moisturizing, but depending on the product, they can be used according to skin type or skin problem. Korean toners do not contain alcohol or other drying ingredients. We also wrote a detailed article on this topic on our blog.

How many times should toner be applied and why? 7-layer toner application method.

To maximize skin hydration, in Korea, the toner is applied up to 7 layers. The procedure is simple: apply a little tonic, gently pat on the skin, wait until it is absorbed, repeat up to 7 times. Beginners or those in a hurry carry out this procedure 3-5 times. Alternatively, you can use 2 different toners alternately to combine the benefits of the two products.

Why Choose Korean Sheet Masks?

The most famous are undoubtedly the Korean sheet masks. Sheet masks are very easy to use and therefore popular. Face Mask soaked in serum and active ingredients can be simply placed on cleansed face and left for 10-20 minutes. Fabric masks are famous for their variety in composition and content of active substances.

Much attention is paid to functionality. Sheet masks are a practical product that, for example, can easily be taken with you on a trip and used at any time.

What unusual ingredients are used in Korean cosmetics?

Apart from honey, propolis and bee venom, one of the most famous and rather unusual ingredients in Korean cosmetics is definitely snail mucus filtrate, as it is used in many moisturizing moisturizers (due to its extremely high potency).

Korean cosmetics are not tested on animals.

In Korea, experiments on animals are generally prohibited. Therefore, many Korean brands such as Accoje, Barr, Sioris are also vegan and usually refuse to use ingredients of animal origin. If, for ethical, moral or other reasons, you prefer to avoid cosmetics with animal ingredients, there is still a large selection of plant-based products available to you.

What is Korean-style skin whitening and should you be afraid?

Since fair skin is still the beauty ideal in Korea, you can often stumble upon products that are advertised as "whitening". To us Europeans, this may sound alarming, but the brightening active ingredients are mostly fruit or vegetable extracts, as well as light exfoliating additives like AHA, which can only cause delicate natural brightening. Dangerous additives are also banned in Korea and the controls are as strict as in Europe. However, immediately after using these cosmetics, you should not go out into the scorching sun without protection, since the skin may be somewhat sensitive to it.

Sleeping masks

Almost every K-Beauty skin care line offers not only sheet masks, but also sleeping masks. At first it is not confusing a lot, but the two types of masks meet different care needs. Night masks are not really sheet masks, but gel or creamy products in tubes and jars. As a final step in your beauty treatment, you apply a thin layer of this moisturizer about 2-3 times a week. This layer prevents the skin from losing water overnight, so you wake up the next morning with well-hydrated skin.


Korean beauty products are colorful, original, beautifully packaged and eye-catching in the bathroom. For those with a more rigorous approach, there are grooming lines like Pyunkang Yul, including the very popular Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner, or iUNIK, including the bestselling IUNIK Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum.

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