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Lador Silk-Ring Hair Essence - 160 ml

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The essence instantly smoothes the hair cuticle along its entire length immediately after application, making it perfectly smooth, elastic, well-groomed and attractive. The product outwardly transforms hair in just a few seconds, and as a result of regular use, it provides deep restoration and nutrition of damaged, dry, colored hair. The essence is easily absorbed into the hair, does not leave grease or stickiness on the hair.

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Main active ingredients:

Vitamin E supplies the hair with oxygen and beneficial trace elements, thereby stimulating growth processes.

Jojoba oil evenly regenerates and protects the damaged hair surface. It gives the hair life-giving strength, hydration and nutrition, saturates it with vitamins.

Silk amino acids (peptides) are protein molecules that are obtained by chemical processing of silk fibers. They give hair silky softness, natural smoothness and elasticity, make hair manageable, facilitate combing, promote styling and preservation of the hairstyle, protect hair from ultraviolet light. The product is suitable for dry and damaged hair. Does not require rinsing.

How to use: Apply a little product evenly on clean hair and hair that is 90% dry. For intensive therapy, it is recommended to apply more and warm the hair well with a hairdryer. Do not rinse.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Disitoxane, Denatured alcohol. Gratissima Jojoba seed oil, Olea Europaea (ouve) Fruit Oil. Persea Ethythexyt (Avocado) oil, Arganla Spinosa Kernel oil, Tocophent Acetate Methoxycinnamate, Hydrotyzed Silk, Fragrance

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Lador Silk-Ring Hair...

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