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BENTON Pore Clear Brush


The wash brush is designed to remove the smallest impurities from pores that are difficult to clean simply by washing with your hands, as well as to gently massage and stimulate blood circulation. Small bristles (0.4mm), made of soft silicone, do not scratch the skin at all and effectively cleanse pores without stretching them. In addition, silicone is very hygienic, as bacteria do not grow on it, and you just need to rinse the brush thoroughly after use.

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This is especially important, as regular brushes gradually get dirty even with regular brushing, and can cause inflammation or reintroduce bacteria onto already problematic skin.

Using the regulator (on the handle), you can control the strength of the massage, so the brush is suitable for both intensive cleansing and gentle massage of sensitive skin.

Mode of application:

Use the control knob to determine the intensity of brush pressure that is comfortable for you. Apply the cleansing foam to either a brush or face, then massage. Rinse off foam with copious amounts of water. After use, rinse the brush thoroughly with water and leave it to dry.

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BENTON Pore Clear Brush


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