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Lador Dermatical Shampoo Brush


Silicone brush with elastic bristles for lathering shampoo and scalp massage while washing hair. When using such a brush, the scalp is much better cleansed, blood circulation improves and there is a feeling of relaxation and "reboot". Also, regular massage of the scalp prevents hair loss, ideal for massage after applying shampoo, care products to the scalp.

There are several ways to use a scalp massager:

1. During shampooing and shampooing for a more thorough cleansing of the scalp.

2. During the application of tonics for the scalp.

3. As a massage at any time to enhance blood circulation to prevent hair loss.

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Massage brush for the scalp Lador Dermatical Shampoo Brush provides a thorough washing of the head, effectively removes dirt, dead cells and excess sebum, helps to evenly distribute the shampoo. It helps to speed up the processes of blood circulation and microcirculation, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

While using the shampoo, the brush whips up a thick foam and helps to apply it even to hard-to-reach areas, does not tangle the strands and increases the efficiency of shampooing.

Silicone brush delicately affects the skin and hair without injuring them. Thanks to its compact size, it is convenient to hold it in the palm of your hand and do massage.

How to use: after applying shampoo, rinse-off or leave-in products for the scalp, proceed to massage the head with light movements.

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Lador Dermatical Shampoo Brush


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