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Why is keratin so important for our hair?

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The term "keratin" is often used in connection with hair and hair care, but what is it and what are the benefits of products containing keratin? Today we take you in more detail on our favorite keratin hair products.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein also known as "hair protein". These protein compounds form the basic building blocks of hair fibers. Here, the finest filaments unite to form microfibrils, and they, in turn, unite to form macrofibrils. This fibrous layer fills the area between the hair skin and the cuticle and gives the hair stability and flexibility.

How strong and elastic our hair is depends on this fiber layer. If it is damaged, the hair breaks quickly and forms split ends. Keratin is insoluble in water and relatively resistant to external influences, but of course it can be damaged by heat and chemical treatments such as lightening, dyeing or perming.

Keratins are also found in the nails of the hands and feet, as well as in our skin, and make them stronger, more flexible and resistant.

What do keratin hair care products do?

Thus, keratin is an essential component of our hair, but can it be added externally with care products, and does it really matter? The answer is yes! Liquid keratin can be added to hair using shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks.

Keratin helps fill in the gaps in the hair's own keratin layer. The result is straight, supple and shiny hair that looks much more well-groomed than before.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Especially people with natural curls or afro-curls know this, because only with the help of keratin treatment can you make your hair smooth. You can do this at a hairdresser or at home on your own.

Look for products containing keratin for smooth, straight hair.

Keratin is not only an essential component of our hair, but it can also go a long way in terms of smoothness, shine and elasticity when used in products!

What are the most effective products with keratin?

The most effective keratin hair care products:

Lador Keratin Power Fill Up Sleeping Clinic Ampoule Night Repair Hair Serum

Lador Keratin LPP Shampoo Sulfate Free Protein Shampoo

Lador Perfect Hair Filler

Lador Wonder Bubble Shampoo Volumizing & Smoothing Shampoo

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