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Hyperpigmentation: the most effective cosmetics against dark spots

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Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin problems. While it is now common knowledge that sun protection is essential in both winter and summer, it may not be sufficient to avoid pigmentation. Therefore, today we explain what exactly are the causes of hyperpigmentation and reveal which ingredients and products will help in the fight against dark spots on the face.

What is hyperpigmentation and how does it occur?

Age spots are caused by excess melanin in the skin. This then results in light brown to black spots of varying shapes and sizes. Dark spots are caused by too much sunlight.

Hyperpigmentation can also be a result of acne. Inflammation of the skin and remaining red or brown spot that heals slowly.

Another possible cause is hormonal fluctuations, such as those caused by hormonal contraceptives, after stopping them or during pregnancy.

The focus today should be on sun or acne-induced hyperpigmentation, which you can manage with the right products.

Is sun protection so important and how to use it correctly?

Sun cream is the key to success! Sun protection is really that important, and if you want to get it right, use it every morning, regardless of the weather, season, or conditions. As soon as you leave the house, you should also use sun protection, at least SPF30, rather SPF50.

Rule of thumb for face and neck: 2g sunscreen. Sounds a little, but it's actually about half a teaspoon. If you want to know for sure, weigh it on an accurate scale, but in general, you can say: you need more sunscreen than you think! And much more.

Incidentally, those who use too little sunscreen do not achieve the specified sun protection factor and therefore risk not only skin pigmentation but also more serious consequences such as skin cancer. Therefore, the issue of sun protection should be taken seriously.

For example, we recommend d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sun Cream Mineral spf 50+ PA ++++. It is an ultra-light moisturizing sunscreen with a white truffle complex that protects skin from environmental stress and premature skin aging. The cream is ideal for sensitive skin and also ideal as a primer for make-up.

Sunblock protects against UVB rays, which cause sunburn, as well as UVA rays, which cause hyperpigmentation, as well as wrinkles and skin cancer. The white truffle it contains is an absolute superfood, including for skin care, and the sunscreen not only protects against hyperpigmentation, but also acts against already formed deposits of melanin.

What can you do about existing dark spots?

Even those who regularly wear enough sunscreen are certainly not 100% immune to dark spots as it can be caused by reasons other than sun exposure. Therefore, we present you with several excellent products that help you quickly get rid of existing hyperpigmentation.

In addition to vitamin C, arbutin works very well against hyperpigmentation. For example, it is included in Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask. Arbutin cosmetics are the best against age spots. Arbutin gently brightens age spots and dark acne scars. Soon, the complexion will be radiant and youthful again.

Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum: Propolis + Niacinamide also counteracts excessive melanin production. Besides propolis, it also contains niacinamide, another active ingredient that smoothes the skin and neutralizes acne scars.

Finally, a couple more good anti-pigmentation foods high in vitamin C:

SOME BY MI Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum

PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum (Renewal)

So, you see that hyperpigmentation can and should be fought. Of course, it’s better not to let it happen. Therefore, you should always think about adequate sun protection!

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