How to get rid of whiteheads with Korean cosmetics?

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What are whiteheads?

Blackheads or open comedones are very unpleasant for the skin. There are also whiteheads or closed comedones. Whiteheads are found under the skin and can be found around the eyes, nose and lips.

Causes of whiteheads on the skin

Usually, whiteheads appear in women with oily skin. Also, whiteheads can appear on the skin along with other skin problems such as acne and blackheads.

The appearance of whiteheads can be influenced by ecology and an unhealthy lifestyle (eating fatty foods and smoking).

How to get rid of whiteheads on the skin?

Special care is needed to combat whiteheads. Choose non-comedogenic cosmetics that will not clog pores or clog your sebaceous glands. Care cosmetics should not be too oily, it is better to choose gel creams.

It is necessary to carefully use decorative cosmetics. When rinsing makeup, you can use Korean Makeup Remover Heimish All Clean Balm.

To wash your face in the case of whiteheads, use special Korean gels and foams, for example, COSRX Salycylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Also, Pro You Professional Pore Fill Up Bubble Cleanser is suitable for deep cleansing of the facial skin.

To combat whiteheads, products containing fruit AHA and BHA acids are suitable. Use Neogen and Cosrx peeling pads with AHA and BHA acids.

It is best to choose toners and other care products in such a way that their action is aimed at combating whiteheads. For example, the AHA Essence COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid was specially formulated to combat whiteheads.

To effectively combat whiteheads, take care of your skin and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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