Blackheads and how best to treat them?

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They are annoying, always come out at the most inopportune moment and everyone knows them: blackheads. They occur when the skin secretes an excessive amount of sebum. Excess sebum can no longer escape through the surface of the skin, and individual pores begin to clog.

How do blackheads appear?

Dead skin cells attaching to these pores also constrict the exit from the pore, further exacerbating the problem. If the combination of excess sebum and dead skin cells comes into contact with oxygen, it oxidizes and blackheads take on their typical black color.

How to get rid of black dots?

We've listed the most important steps you can take:

1. Skin cleansing

The most important measure to remove blackheads and prevent new blackheads from forming is to thoroughly and gently cleanse your skin every morning and evening. To do this, use a mild cleanser and an appropriate toner. Do not forget to carefully remove your makeup before going to bed with a special makeup remover!

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2. Peeling

Exfoliation removes dead skin and loosens pores. To avoid over-irritating your skin, use the exfoliation only 1-2 times a week. For deeper cleansing of the skin from excess sebum, use peeling discs and peeling masks.

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3. Wash-off face masks

Wash-off face masks contain substances such as salicylic acid, activated charcoal, or tea tree oil. These substances rid the skin of excess sebum, stimulate cell renewal and have an antibacterial effect. Over time, your skin will become smoother.

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4. Facial care

It is equally important to use a moisturizing and antibacterial treatment with gentle ingredients. Your care should counteract blackheads, but not irritate and dry the skin, but gently nourish and soothe it.

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