AHA and BHA acids in Korean cosmetics.

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Korean cosmetic companies actively use AHA and BHA acids in their products.

What is AHA acid?

AHA acid or alpha hydroxy acid is a fruit acid. AHA acid is obtained from various products, which will affect the properties of such an acid.

Malic acid from apples has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Grape tartaric acid helps to smooth wrinkles.

The citric acid from citrus fruits evens out skin tone.

Lactic acid from sour milk fights flaky and dry skin.

Glycolic acid from sugar cane has a low molecular weight formula that allows the acid to penetrate deeply into the skin. Glycolic acid fights pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

What is BHA Acid?

The second common acid used is BHA, or beta hydroxy acid.

Pay attention to the composition of the product and what kind of acid is included in the product.

What effect do AHA and BHA acids have on the skin?

AHA and BHA acids act on the skin in such a way that the process of skin cell renewal takes place. Acids even out skin tone, improve its condition, renew and exfoliate.

Do not be afraid of acids, as they do not injure the skin. On the contrary, acids have a positive effect on the skin.

What problems does AHA acid solve?

AHA acid helps fight wrinkles, pigmentation, dull complexion and acne problems.

What problems does BHA acid solve?

BHA acid helps fight acne, normalizes sebum production, fights problems with enlarged pores and evens out complexion.

What kind of skin are acids suitable for?

Acids can be used for all types of skin as their beneficial properties help in the process of skin cell renewal.

AHA and BHA acids are especially suitable for problem skin, as their beneficial properties contribute to skin regeneration.

For combination skin, AHA and BHA acids are suitable.

For fatty acids, BHA acid is more suitable.

For dry skin, mild fruit AHA acid is suitable, which will ensure the renewal of skin cells. Even for dry skin, AHA acid will be harmless.

For aged and normal skin, AHA acid is suitable, which reduces wrinkles and exfoliates old cells.

What products with AHA and BHA acids to choose?

Products with AHA and BHA acids are available in different formats.

Korean foams with AHA and BHA acids help not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also act on the skin at a deeper level.

Korean peeling rolls and peeling gels with AHA and BHA acids provide more intensive exfoliation of old cells and remove excess sebum from the skin.

Korean peeling discs with AHA and BHA acids help reduce inflammation and start skin regeneration.

Korean toners with AHA and BHA acids provide additional skin cleansing compared to conventional acid-free toners.

Korean serums with AHA and BHA acids should be used in a course to solve the problem of skin care.

Korean creams with AHA and BHA acids have a deep effect on the lower layers of the skin, trigger the skin regeneration process, and have an anti-inflammatory process.

What should be observed when using AHA and BHA acids?

When using products with AHA and BHA acids in your care, you need to pay attention to the precautions for their use. Firstly, acids increase the skin's sensitivity to UV radiation, so sunscreens with SPF should be used.

Second, use acids carefully. At the beginning of use several times a week, then increasing the number of applications.

Third, acids have a strong exfoliating effect on the skin. Therefore, temporarily refrain from using mechanical peels and other highly exfoliating agents.

Korean cosmetics with acids will help restore the skin. Choose your care consciously. If you have any questions, write to us.


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