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Patches love regularity. For a cumulative effect, you must use the patches every day or every other day! One pack of patches is just designed for 30 applications.
The shelf life of patches after opening the package is usually 2 months.

Patches are best used in the morning. Woke up. We washed ourselves. We put on patches and you can cook breakfast. Using patches in the evening before going to bed, you run the risk of provoking puffiness in the area under the eyes, since most of the patches provide intense hydration.

We follow the instructions! On most patches you will find a * Remove after 20-30 min * mark, which means remove after 20-30 minutes. This time will be enough for the patches to work together and give you all the beneficial substances from the essence into the skin. Hydrogel patches release moisture to your skin for the first 30 minutes. And if after 30 minutes the patches are not removed, they begin to take moisture back. In no case do not overload the patches and do not fall asleep, take off. If you get sleepy and lay down with patches on a soft pastel, then set an alarm or timer for 30 minutes.

Apply patches as CONVENIENT for you. There was a lot of controversy on this topic - how is it right ?! If it is necessary to lighten dark circles under the eyes and eliminate swelling, apply patches with the wide side to the inside of the eye. If you set the task to eliminate mimic wrinkles and creases, we glue the patches with the wide side to the outer corner of the eye.

After the patches, you do not need to apply the cream to the area under the eyes. The patches are saturated with active essence, which already provides sufficient care and hydration for the under eye area.

Hydrogel eye patches intensively moisturize, tone and rejuvenate the skin. Smooth out expression lines, lighten dark circles under the eyes, erase traces of stress from the face. Make the look fresher and more rested.

Leave your comments on the topic: How often do you make patches? Do you follow these rules?

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